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montreal street artist roadsworth tries not only to beautify the urban landscape, often by incorporating existing street markings, but to also make a statement about the illusory urban disconnect from the natural environment. his (literal) street art is both a reclamation of a public space that as cyclists and pedestrians we are taught is dangerous, and a response to the primacy afforded to a car culture that largely dictates the planning of this public space. for his efforts, roadsworth was charged with 53 counts of mischief in 2004.

Doel – An Abandoned Village Offered To Street Art

In Belgium, the small village of Doel is a strange abandoned village, that its inhabitants were forced to leave completely in 2008 due to the expansion of the port of Antwerp. A surreal vision of ghost streets, that the street artists, including ROA, cover with stunning creations. A series of beautiful and amazing photographs by  Romany WG, an urbex enthusiast.

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