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Why is crying so pleasurable? I feel clean, absolutely purged after it. As if I had a grief to get over with, some deep sorrow.
Sylvia Plath, from a diary entry (via violentwavesofemotion)

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You can’t please everyone. So don’t try.


"The knowledge of different literatures frees one from the tyranny of a few." - José Martí #librarywayfriday by nypl http://ift.tt/1sqRh9r

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Tampon commercial, detergent commercial, maxi pad commercial, windex commercial - you’d think all women do is clean and bleed.
Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl (via flaxens)

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Men fear witches because they take their power from the earth without poisoning the soil.


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Don’t say it was delightful; make us say delightful when we’ve read the description. You see, all those words (horrifying, wonderful, hideous, exquisite) are only like saying to your readers Please will you do the job for me.
C. S. Lewis (via bookporn)


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