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American humorous illustrator Rodney Pike has undertaken an awesomely silly project. He’s been using his Photoshop skills to insert the singularly goofy face of British entertainer Rowan Atkinson in character as Mr. Bean into a variety of portraits by the Old Masters. Judging by the lacy panties held in the hands of Thomas Howard (top image), painted by Hans Holbein the Younger in 1539, Pike sometimes tinkers with more than the faces in the portraits.

If it weren’t for the befuddled expression forever worn on Mr. Bean’s face, these images could be a taste of additional series of Blackadder we’ve always wanted.

Pike says he plans to complete 30 pieces for his Mr. Bean Collection, so keep an eye on his website or DeviantArt page for additional pieces.

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Jaime aka Elsilencio is an hobbyist artist photographer from Spain who creates those magical photomanipulation.


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20-year-old Romanian photographer Felicia Simion's “dreamscapes” follow silhouetted figures in their journeys across vast, mysterious landscapes. Check out our exclusive interview with her, here.

I love Felicia Simion’s work! Here you can check more.

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Luna by CosmosUp 

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Dapper Animals by Alexander Houlton

photos by Rosie Hardy

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Michigan-based conceptual photographer Logan Zillmer brings surreal dream worlds to life in his imaginative blend of photography and digital manipulation.

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Animal Visions by Tom Chambers

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Laure Fauvel


kids who haven’t seen Monsters Inc.

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