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La base es importante pero sin la pestaña no voy a ninguna parte.

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Benoit Paillé


Project about, light, night, human and his relation with hidden memory related to dream. the project take part aroud the world, as a exploration, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bucarest, Montréal.

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Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka’s took old photos from her childhood and put pictures of her present self in them, creating lovely double self-portraits.

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Martín De Pasquale is a Buenos Aires-based director and digital artist. He is called a Photoshop wizard by some, and not without reason – his masterful digital photo manipulations blur the boundaries between dreams and reality and between humor and fear.

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Xiao Yang - Love Letter (2014)

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Natalie Shau

I’ve been Shau’s fan for a long time, so feel free to check my collection of her works, here.


Giordano Rizzardi | on Tumblr - Mariano Dallago (The very original collection of “Der Manipulator). Photographic press paper, 60x90 cm (2011-12)