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Mathilde Nivet is a French art director and set designer based in Paris, working for years in the paper field, using it to create elaborated constructions and illustrations.

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Adamova Marina aka talamaska is a freelance illustrator and designer from Moscov, Russia.

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Cut Paper Artworks by Maude White 

Paper Crafts by Estudio Guardabosques

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Cheong-ah Hwang (Korea)

Currently based in Columbus, Ohio, Cheong-ah Hwang is a self taught paper artist originally from Korea who is working hard to fulfill her dream of becoming a full time artist: “I like the tension between 2D and 3D. I like the versatility of the material. Recently, I started illustrating fairy tales, and making prints. I’m enjoying another layer of dimensional illusion by printing paper sculpture images on paper.”

[more Cheong-ah Hwang | artist found at itscolossal]

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Cute Cultures I made for the Supahcute Science Fair at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland.

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Li Hongbo | Out Of Paper (by Crane.tv)

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