¿Quién es esa chica?

La base es importante pero sin la pestaña no voy a ninguna parte.

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Alpine Flora: Western Alps / by G. Senn; with 144 colored plates after watercolors painted on locations of C. Kaftner. on Flickr.

Publication info Heidelberg: C. Winter, 1906.
BHL Collections:
New York Botanical Garden

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One of my favorite flower (o´∀`o)



What the heck are these?! -c

They are passionfruit flowers.  How ‘bout that?  I learned a new flower today thanks to quienesesachica and isabellab4.  Thank you, ladies!   -c

by sapphiremyst:

Straw flowers

My mom always loved flowers. Her African violets were one of her favourites.
She had a lot, always full of flowers.

But for some reason, the last ones she had just wouldn’t bloom at all. We tried changing them to different places, all. And nothing, no flowers.

But look at then now. It’s as if they were sleeping and now they woke up. It’s as if my mom is in each one of those beautiful flowers.



From now on, my favorite photobombs are sapphiremyst's photobombs! <3 You two rock!

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