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La base es importante pero sin la pestaña no voy a ninguna parte.

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Sheldon Mopes
               ↳ Captain Kangaroo, like Jesus Christ, was someone you could really believe in. With those guys it wasn’t about the bells and whistles and the rickety rackety, it was all about the work. Especially Jesus.


Hard Candy (2005)

I am every little girl you ever watched, touched, hurt, screwed, killed.

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Amazing Backgrounds from 101 Dalmatians
Walt Disney Studios, 1961
Ken Anderson, art director and production designer.

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Movies to watch before you die:  The Fall (2006)

You always stop at the same part, when it’s very beautiful. Interesting.

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Vertigo (1958)


Marlene Dietrich in Morocco (1939)

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Roman Holiday

Y este es para policromas ^_^

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Serendipity saying it how it is

(Dogma, 1999)

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"The country my mother left behind was a country she believed in; a country we kept alive till her last breath; a country that never existed in that form; a country that, in my memory, I will always associate with my mother." (Good Bye, Lenin! 2003)

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