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La base es importante pero sin la pestaña no voy a ninguna parte.

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Uña de luna (=

Uña de luna (=

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Ana Locking Fall 2014

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Can I have this, please?

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Two on the Moon, 1920s (source La boite verte)

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moon makes magic

En la película Se souvenir des belles choses dan una bella explicación sobre la luna que yo no había escuchado antes.

Decía que la luna es una mentirosa porque cuando parece una C está en su fase decreciente y cuando parece una D está en su fase creciente ^_^

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Chispitas de felicidad.

Luna, Eureka, Merlin.

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Favorite Turkish word?
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Yakamoz was declared as the most beautiful word in the world by a competition entitled “The most beautiful ABC of the world" ("Das schönste ABC der Welt”) in Berlin, Germany. Yakamoz is commonly referred to as the reflection of the moon as it shines upon the water.

Though its original meaning is now nearly forgotten, a yakamoz is actually the light coming from the ocean or salt-water rivers that is caused by microorganisms Noctiluca scintillans, commonly known as the Sea Sparkle, and considered as the fireflies of the sea. When these creatures are moved or disturbed, they create a wonderful luminescent effect that, when gazed from afar, look like a scene in which moonlight shines in the sea. 

The closest English equivalent to yakamoz, they say, is phosphorescence

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I Just found these strange pictures i must have taken quite a while back of a Fern and the Moon

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