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Cuando el sol no alumbra a nadie.

(My) Empire of the Light
(After Magritte).


Empire of Light, 1950 by Rene Magritte

In Empire of Light, numerous versions of which exist, a dark, nocturnal street scene is set against a pastel-blue, light-drenched sky spotted with fluffy cumulus clouds. With no fantastic element other than the single paradoxical combination of day and night, René Magritte upsets a fundamental organizing premise of life. Sunlight, ordinarily the source of clarity, here causes the confusion and unease traditionally associated with darkness. The luminosity of the sky becomes unsettling, making the empty darkness below even more impenetrable than it would seem in a normal context. The bizarre subject is treated in an impersonal, precise style, typical of veristic Surrealist painting and preferred by Magritte since the mid-1920s. 

Benoit Paillé


Project about, light, night, human and his relation with hidden memory related to dream. the project take part aroud the world, as a exploration, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bucarest, Montréal.

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