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by meisterede:

one of the many reasons why i love istanbul:

try a blind date with a book!
have you ever judged a book with its cover?
now you dont have to!
the only judgements come from the few descripive words.

a great way to try something outside your usual range or reading!
remember: this is to try new things! good luck!

note: if you already have the book, you can return it….

Tattooed Librarians of the Ocean State

The Rhode Island Library Association presented their Tattooed Librarians of the Ocean State 2014 calendar (that’s now sold out).

Libraries are unique as they simultaneously foster the preservation of histories and traditions, while fighting censorship and fostering cutting-edge learning environments. Likewise, tattoos can also represent the preservation of history and resistance of the norm. The twelve librarians and library workers featured in this calendar represent just a few of the many working professionals who are proud of their career, their ink, and the stories they tell.

submitted by Fer1972.

Now Bookporn wants to know how many librarians are here on tumblr! Share your library portraits/selfies with us!

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