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La base es importante pero sin la pestaña no voy a ninguna parte.

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The Hug Machine by Scott C. / Tumblr

Celebrate “Hug a Book" week with Scott Campbell’s new book launch at Gallery Nucleus on September 6th, 2014. More info HERE.

Along with the book signing and art exhibition, there are giveaways and a vigorous hug-ercise lesson planned. Check it out HERE.

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Narraciones Extraordinarias, an anthology of Edgar Allan Poe's tales designed by Valeria Ruiz-Schulze using the amazing images by José Guadalupe Posada to illustrate it.

Poe + Posada = Bliss!

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illustrations by french graphic artist charles jouas, for the book la cite des eaux, by symbolist poet henri de regnier

Posed with a book - c. 1880s - (source)

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"The Little Book of Big Ideas"

Look! :3


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Textured Cities: A New Photo Series

Textured Cities is an extensive, ongoing photo documentary chronicling the unique people, places, and things that populate cities across the globe. I’m looking forward to building this series and excited about the new book.

I’m definitely a city person and as much as I like to travel, it’s great to connect with so many great people and places here in NYC. If you’re in the city you might see me biking around taking pics this spring. Be sure to say hey if you do.


See the entire spread HERE

Get the book HERE