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La base es importante pero sin la pestaña no voy a ninguna parte.

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Levi Stocke - LA Models
Photographers: Thrashonistas

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"We work together. He writes and sings R&B, and I do make-up."

"Is that how you met?"

"No. He saw me dancing in the rain and thought, ‘I gotta get this girl.’"  

by Jean Vargas welcometothelab

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Taj Reed - wordtotaj


“That picture was taken during the Sikh day parade. He was one of the first people I photographed. He’s a computer IT specialist. He travels a lot. Sikhs at the time were being randomly selected for security. I wish people would just say “you have that thing on your hand and we aren’t sure what it is” instead telling someone they are randomly selected. One time he wore the shirt through security and the guard chuckled. It’s a way of loading off steam at the reality that people have to face.

Photographing Sikhs With Fiona Aboud

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James Alexander in “How Long Have You Known” Photographed by Markus Rico for Fucking Young! Online

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