¿Quién es esa chica?

La base es importante pero sin la pestaña no voy a ninguna parte.

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Hello Moon!

Recuerdo de mi cumple

Galveston Island.

Downton Houston.

La Carafe, the oldest place in Houston.

Pretty cool bar with a lot of character that opens until 2:00am during week.

The jukebox has the best music selection ever!

I was lucky because Gladys’ portrait was back (they took it down to restore it).

(Oh yeah, it’s supposed to be haunted!)


My mom always loved flowers. Her African violets were one of her favourites.
She had a lot, always full of flowers.

But for some reason, the last ones she had just wouldn’t bloom at all. We tried changing them to different places, all. And nothing, no flowers.

But look at then now. It’s as if they were sleeping and now they woke up. It’s as if my mom is in each one of those beautiful flowers.

I think the Tooth Fairy will visit my baby Eureka tonight :3

Cap i cua, capicúa.

Ugly building, lovely view.

La vista desde los juzgados del TSJDF:
El Palacio de Bellas Artes y el Hemiciclo a Juárez con la Alameda Central detrás.