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8 Deadly Catsins

Illustrations by ©Marija Tiurina - Via Bored Panda

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Simone Massoni

These are lovely! <3

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Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat by David G. Forés.

Ilustración para la antología ilustrada  “Edgar Allan Poe’s Ravings of Love & Death”


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"Spirits of the Dead" by Edgar Allan Poe


Stop! Tea Time! by Esther Aarts is reprinted on girly tees.

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this reminds me of forgottenbones

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Laid-back Lettering, revisited

A year ago this week I interviewed Mary Kate McDevitt, a letterer living in Brooklyn. Following-up, I noticed plenty of new work over on her site.

You can clearly see her relaxed, informal style has really solidified in these examples together with a vintage colour palette, which I really like.

If you missed the interview take a look here.

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Artist Telmo Pieper Repaints His Own Childhood Drawings

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