666witchbitch666 asked:

how do find abandoned houses? people always say google maps or something, but i don't know where to start.

cariwayman answered:

sorry it took me so long to respond! google earth is easier than google maps, but even that can take forever. i think the best thing to start with is to search “abandoned [name of your town/state or county(if you’re in the u.s.)/other regional term]” on somewhere like flickr and see what pops up. it is a pretty popular hobby now so more often than not you’ll find someone in your area who likes exploring too. sometimes people will publicly share locations, but other times, it doesn’t hurt to message them and ask. if someone messages me and asks and they seem nice and trustworthy (and aren’t just like “yo give me that location”), i don’t mind sharing locations (unless they are locations shared with me by someone who does not want them shared—there’s sortof an etiquette in the exploring world that’s important to get the hang of). you can also make exploring friends that way, which i think is the best resource! as far as google earth goes, look for the usual signs of an abandoned place—like a grove of trees, holes in the roof, unkempt lawn, no mailbox, etc. you can look for those signs too when driving around. certain areas are better for driving-around-searching. personally, i prefer rural locations to urban ones, so i go way out in the country—but it also helps to think of why things are abandoned and search in areas where those things have occurred, like economic troubles or a new highway being built or things like that. i hope that helps. :]

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