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A unique bite! Pears shaped with Buddha faces

Have you ever seen pears with a Buddha face? Chinese farmers are harvesting 60 thousand bottle gourds and pears with Buddha faces in north China’s Hebei Province. 

The orchard farmer, surnamed Hao, used human shaped molds on top of the fruits to give them a unique look. 

The ripening fruits resemble the ginseng fruit in the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. In the novel, people can extend their life span by 47 thousand years, once they eat a ginseng fruit. 

Now Hao is expecting a good harvest.

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Photos of a special melon from my garden. It’s a French heirloom known as Prescott Fond Blanc (it kind of looks like a pumpkin, right?). Also, some white peaches from our yard. Yay! :3 

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To be honest, i will always be in love with (the beauty of) my country…

Visit my newest blogspot entry to see more. New posts from my summer adventures are coming soon ^-^ 

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Pescadores de Pátzcuaro por David Alan Harvey

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Canebrake - Fall road - Wagoner, Oklahoma

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Tulum, Mexico
Photos Francesca Beltran

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Unknown Gravestone in Chattanooga, TN

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Cemetery in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Photo credit: Jonathan Andersen

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