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La base es importante pero sin la pestaña no voy a ninguna parte.

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"We’re Not So Different,You and I …" 

Lunch Break Doodles - Halloween edition :-)


"Oh my GOD Carl I am so done with you.”

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Omo Masalai, Papua New Guinea


Omo Masalai, Papua New Guinea

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The anthropologists decided that this tribe was to remain “uncontacted”.

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When minor characters who are also ethnic minorities start talking among themselves in their native tongues, they sometimes take advantage of their invisibility to say things. Sometimes they break the Fourth Wall and start ranting about the movie director. Sometimes, they spout random obscenities or natter about their lousy lunch. It’s all in not-English, so whatever they say doesn’t matter! And the actual translations of their lines can be a secret source of hilarity in films where actors are instructed to use a Gratuitous Foreign Language (GFL) in order to make a scene sound more authentic. When some Native Americans cast in Westerns were told to speak their own language to add some authenticity, these actors took the opportunity to crudely editorialize about their director, which allegedly resulted in Native American audiences (in)explicably cracking up laughing during scenes that were meant to be dramatic.

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